Implemented Projects

Adopt a School Programme

SanjhPreethas been striving to uplift the status of rural women through provision of education and skill enhancement at village level. To this end, SanjhPreethas adopteda GovernmentPrimary Schools to provide girl children with the right to education and provide counseling services for skill based future programmes. The adopted school has been upgraded to the Elementary/ Middlelevels as there is no other school available that could cater to the growing educational needs of girls of rural settings. The school issituated in rural areas where girls don’t have the access to elementary education and finally leave the school after completing the primary cycle. The organization has started several interventions to improve the quality of delivery of education at the said schoolin district Sheikhupura like capacity building of teachers on content mastery, pedagogical skills, child friendly teaching & learning approaches, providing additional/ temporary staff, improvement in infrastructure/ providing missing facilities and construction of additional room, establishment and strengthening of health and children clubs, celebrate national days and important events, and provide the children with the exposure of outer world through recreational and educational tours to important places. The existing school management committees (SMCs) have also been strengthened so as they are able to provide monitoring, supervisory services and continuous support to the school for development.

1. Duration: 2009 –On going
2. Donor Agency: Local Philanthropist

Non Formal Education Centers Project

SanjhPreet is also managing a non-formal basic education (NFBE) school in district Nankana Sahib where the children of marginalized communities are studying free of cost.Majority of the children are child laborers and support their families through working in flexible hours. These children are being provided with the right to education, recreation/ play, learn and develop to their potentialto secure a decent futureof their own and their families. Teachers of the NFBE school are well trained and are supposed to collaborate with the formal public sector schools in the village for mainstreaming and expend support to those schools in increasing the enrollment and improving retention rates at the same time.SanjhPreet works in close collaboration with the provincial literacy & NFBE department to make sure that the efforts are sustained and are under the larger public sector set up for possible replication of good practices and successful approaches.

1. Duration: 2010 –On going
2. Donor Agency: SPO own Resources

Protection of vulnerable Children and Women Rights in District of Rajanpur

Women especially of the rural areas and those who are vulnerable due to economic reasons and lack of skills fall under the direct beneficiaries of the organization. In addition to specific projects on protecting and promoting women rights, SanjhPreet prioritizes women as special target group in almost all the projects that it undertakes to implement in any of the strategic areas/ districts. Known international conventions, treaties and commitments; CEDAW, human rights declaration etc are among the key instruments that direct our work and lead us through to reach out maximum women in terms of their protection and provision of basic rights of survival with dignity, live a life with honor and respect, learn essential skills that make them rely on their own and become economically independent and stable.

1. Duration: May 01, 2013 – june 01, 2015
2. Donor Agency: UNICEF

Protection of Children and Women Rights in Flood affected District of Rajanpur

The SANJH PREET is currently implementing the Child Protection Project in flood affected areas of District Rajanpur with the financial and technical support of UNICEF.The key interventions include; Children and women provided with education learning, recreational and protection services through mobile outreach services, Awareness on key preventive behaviors on issue of child and women protection, Identification of missing, separated, unaccompanied children in affected area with the collaboration of community members, enhance the ratio of birth registration (BR) in target UCs through awareness raising and conducting BR camps in the villages, Capacity building in PSS, standards and guidelines provided to all key actors, volunteers and staff.

1. Duration: February, 2013- April 24,2013
2. Donor Agency: UNICEF

Protection of Flood affected children and women Project at district Muzaffargarh

The SANJH PREET implemented a UNICEF funded project in flood emergency response of 2010.The key objective of the project included to strengthening of the process and procedures of child birth registration in district to ensure Girls and Boys rights to protection from Violence, abuse and exploitation. In this project Community/Stakeholders trained and organized to identify the cases of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation and take appropriate measure to respond the needs of survivors. The other key objective was to Assist NADRA to register birth certificates of children. However SanjhPreetidentified 11,445 children against the target of 3,200 children and got registered4,285 children with NADRA.

1. Duration: Sep-Dec, 2011
2. Donor Agency: UNICEF

Advocacy Campaign all over Punjab for literacy promotion

SanjhPreet Organization successfully accomplished a project that aimed at promoting the literacy across 37 districts of Punjab with the financial and technical support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Pakistan. The campaign included the advocacy seminars at district and provincial levels, development and dissemination of IEC material on promotion of literacy, ensuring media coverage; national level news channels and newspapers. The campaigns had a lasting impact on the importance of literacy and NFBE as a means towards reducing poverty and develop socio-economic conditions. All major.

1. Duration: Jan-March, 2012
2. Donor Agency: JICA

Teachers Training of NFE Teachers Project

In collaboration with Literacy & NF&BE Department, Government of the Punjab the organization conducted the teachers’ training for 185 NFBE teachers working in NFBE schools at brick kiln in Muzaffargarh. The training content included content, methodology, improved behavioral practices and skill enhancement. In addition, the organization provided ten sewing machines to the most vulnerable working women working in those areas/ schools and trained them on sewing art so as they could have better and dignified livelihood opportunities for economic development and growth. The program turned out to be really productive and made a clear and positive difference in the lives of those selected women. These women are not only in a position to earn decent wages, but are also sensitive towards providing their children, brothers and sisters with the right education, protection and development.

1. Duration: June, 2011
2. Donor Agency: CEW

School Improvement Program in Formal Schools

The organization has been successfully engaged with three selected public schools of district Nankana Sahib. These schools were supported in terms of enhancing the capacity of local teachers to develop school based development/ improvement plans and mobilized resources from local philanthropists for physical development and making available the basic missing facilities. Upon provision of such facilities (including computers and teaching & learning material as well), the children had a chance to acquire quality education in enabling learning environment where teachers treated them affectionately. Children were given with the rights to study in an environment which is suitable for their growth and development and enhances opportunities for lifelong learning and lasting changes in their lives.

1. Duration: Aug, 2003-June, 2004
2. Donor Agency: Save the Children

Addressing children and Bonded Labor rights through activation of DVC in districts Sheikhupura

In 2009-2010, in partnership with The Asia Foundation, SUDHAAR Society and SANJH PREET jointly implemented the project entitled ‘Addressing child rights and bonded labor through activation of District Vigilant Committee (DVC)in districtsSheikhupura” .The key objective of the project was to activate and strengthen the DVC and District Commission on Child Welfare & Development (DCCWD) in addressing the issue of bonded labor at brick kilns of the district. The DVC and DCCWD strengthen through regular meetings and capacity building sessions in performing their roles in addressing the issue of bonded labor. The project assisted the committees in developing the Sheikhupura declaration, a detailed road map to address the bonded labor issues.

1. Duration: April, 2009-Feb, 2010
2. Donor Agency: TAF(The Asia Foundation)

Distribution of Food & Non Food Items

The entity has distributed food and non-food items among the destitute survivors of devastating earth quack in NWFP and AJK in 2005 and distributed nonfood items for the 200 families in the IDP Camps of District Mardan in 2009 and again in 2010 floods distributed nonfood items to 500 families in district Muzaffargarh. The organization also distributes 20 sewing machines amongst the most vulnerable women in the flood affected area of district Muzaffargarh.

1. Duration: 2005, 2009, 2010
2. Donor Agency: Local Philanthropist