Implemented Projects

Sr.# Project Title/Programm Geographical Area Total budget(PAK Rs.) Funding Agency Duration Key Outputs/Results
1 Enhanced Access to Safe Drinking Water of Marginalized Communities through Installation/Construction of Household Hand Pumps Tehsil Shorkot District Jhang (Union Councils 61 Kakki Nau, 57 Shorkot Janubi and Kotla Zareef Khan) 13,315,905 Penny Appeal Pakistan June, 2018 –Sep 09-2019(In phases) 772 households were provided access to clean drinking water at their door steps.
2 Reducing Early Girls Marriages by Engaging Girls, Key Stakeholders and Decision Makers District Nankana Sahib 2,735,280 Mundo Cooperante May, 2019-Dec, 2019 274 girls were imparted Life Skills Based Education (LSBE), including first aid training by the Rescue 1122
3 Construction of Mosque for Prayers Tehsil Shorkot District Jhang ( Village Liaqat Abad Rora Union Council Kakki Nau) 1,018,894 Penny Appeal Pakistan Dec 15, 2018- Feb 15, 2019 Mosque constructed, 1500 population availed the permanent opportunity for prayers at door step
4 Youth Led Sustainable Community Development Project Nankana Sahib (Villages Kot Thakray, Dhoni and Chah Wahab) 1,824,496 Asia-Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO (ACCU) August, 15-Dec, 2018 (In phases) 3 Village Development Plans developed and implemeted, one non-formal primary education center for girls (4-12), skills training was imparted to 40 adolescent girls,and more than 6,000 trees planted for safe enviornment
5 Empowering girls from Marginalized Rural Families for Continuing Education Nankana Sahib, (Union Councils Chack Haiderabad, Malka Haji, Machoran Awana and Chaind Pur) 7,728,300 Plan International Pakistan Oct 2017-Sep,2018 697 girls students successfully completed seven semesters of elementary classes and certified by the AIOU, and capacity of 29 teachers of non-formal elementary schools was enhanced on content mastery, pedagogical skills and child friendly schools
6 Provision of Safe Drinking Water through Installation of Hand Pumps Tehsil Kabir Wala District Khanewal (Union Council Darkhana) 5,374,850 Penny Appeal Pakistan Nov 6, 2017-April, 2018(In Phases) 309 households were provided access to clean drinking water at their door steps
7 Empowering Girls from Marginalized Rural Families for Continuing Education Nankana Sahib (Union Councils Chack Haiderabad, Malka Haji, Machoran Awana and Chaind Pur) 25,466,200 USAID July, 2016-Aug, 2017 1200 girls completed three semesters of elementary education through 33 non-formal elementary schools, and Capacity of 40 teachers of non-formal elementary schools was enhanced on content mastery, pedagogical skills and child friendly schools
8 Protection of Returnee Children (Boys and Girls) and Women through Community Based Mechanisms Orakzai Agency, FATA, Pakistan 15,000,000 UNOCHA (PHFP) July, 2016-Feb, 2017 7277 returnee children including (2164 girls and 3938 boys) were registered and provided with educational, recreational, learning and psycho-social services
9 To Build the Capacity of 100 Physical Education Teachers FATA, Pakistan 1,765,000 UNICEF Oct, 2015-Nov, 2015 100 government teachers were trained on promoting social cohesion and resilience in students/youth through sports
10 Enhancing the Employability of Women Graduates in Information Technology Sector Lahore 6,494,600 USAID May, 2015-Dec, 2015 120 women IT Graduates provided with internship in the targeted IT companies, and conducted gender audit of 10 IT companies
11 Preliminary Development Study for Non-Formal Education as Alternative Education System Project Pakistan 3,076,600 Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) April, 2014 –July, 2015 Study on Non-formal education as an alternative conducted
12 Protection and Promotion of Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Lahore,Nankana Sahib 18,638,871 The Asia Foundation July, 2013 –Sep, 15 Established 2 Helplines and Legal Aid Systems to protect the rights, and formulated and made active District Level Coordination Committee, comprising the membership from government line departments including Human Rights and Minority Affairs Department
13 Youth Entrepreneurship in Mango and Fish Farming Multan and Muzaffargarh 13,667,000 Creative Associates/USAID Aug, 2014-June, 2015 Trained 350 (male 200, female 150) youth in entrepreneurship in mango farming, processing and marketing, and in fish farming and marketing
14 Promotion of Child Rights in Cotton Farming Areas (CRCF): “ Capacity Building and Social Mobilization for Increased Enrolment and Retention Rajanpur 10,903,550 UNICEF Sept,2014-June, 2015 Enrolled 21,038 out of school children (964 in NBFEs and 20,074 in formal schools) in schools, and trained 340 teachers, 50 education managers on interactive methods of teachings –violent disciplinary solutions and CFE approaches
15 Awareness Raising to Promote the use of Iodized Salt Bahawalpur,Rajanpur 4,204,565 UNICEF Nov 15, 2014-Feb 15, 2015 Trained 190 teachers (110 District Rajanpur and 80 from Bahawalpur) on Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD)
16 Polio Eradication through Education Rajanpur 2,325,378 UNICEF Oct 15, 2013 Feb 15, 2014 100 teachers were trained on developing and implementing action plans on polio eradication
17 Protection of Children and Women’s in Flood Affected Areas of District Rajan Pur Rajanpur 7,812,109 UNICEF May 15, 2013-Oct 14, 2013 8 Child Protection Centers were established, extended support to 5000 children and women in flood areas of District Rajanpur, and imparted Life Skills Based Education to 160 adolescents (boys 80, girls 80)
18 Protecting the Children and Women in Flood Affected District of Rajan Pur Rajanapur 1,912,000 UNICEF Feb 25, 2013-April 24, 2013 4 Child Protection Centres established and provided services to more than 3000 children and women in centres
19 Birth Registration of Children (0-16) and Strengthening the Existing System of Birth Registration Muzaffargarh 1,719,000 UNICEF August, 2011-Oct, 2011 Birth registrations of 5676 children were registered in their respective union councils