Vision, Mission, Aim of the Organization & Values


 An educated and developed society, where people live a quality life being self-reliant, tolerant, respectful, and exercise equal rights.



 To develop human potential to bring about lasting changes, by empowering the underserved segments of the society through their involvement in development process.


Aim of the Organization

Overall objective of the “Sanjh Preet Organization” is to reduce poverty and build human capacities to enable them as to become equal development partners through provision of basic and quality education, exterminate child labor, literacy promotion, health & nutrition and developing entrepreneurship skills with small scale livelihood support focusing marginalized communities with special emphasis on children, disadvantaged groups of society and prevailing gender disparities through direct interventions and advocacy for policy reforms.


• Transparency in work
• Honesty and maintain higher standards
• Fairness and integrity
• Accountable to what we do
• Enthusiastic and innovative
• Caring and sharing
• Encouragement of initiatives
• Mutual trust and respect
• Non-discrimination, respects humanity regardless of gender, race, religion, caste and other societal divisions
• Works in collaboration with all stakeholders