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Your Donations, Their Future

Join hands with Sanjh Preet Organization! You may send your donation in the form of a Cheque made in favor of “Sanjh Preet Organization” at our head office: 94-D J1, Johar Town, Lahore or you may deposit your donation at the following bank.

Bank Details

  • Title
  • Account No
  • IBAN No
  • Swift Code
  • Branch Code
  • Sanjh Preet Organization
  • 0737 9192 6100 4763
  • PK39 MUCB 0737 9192 6100 4763
  • 1511 – M.A Johar Town Lahore

Support Sanjh Ration Pack

Donate A Ration Pack

Rs. 6,000/- per pack

Support Sanjh Small Business

Sponsor A Food Stall

Rs. 150,000/- one time

Sponsor A Small Grocery Store

Rs. 150,000/- one time

Sponsor A Small Stitching & Boutique Setup

Rs. 150,000/- one time

Sponsor A Tea Stall

Rs. 100,000/- one time

Sponsor A Small Poultry Unit

Rs. 100,000/- one time

Sponsor A Used Rickshaw

Rs. 200,000/- one time

Support School

Sponsor A Child

Rs. 30,000/- per year

Sponsor a new Classroom
Sponsor A Classroom

Rs. 1,500,000/- one time

Sponsor a School
Sponsor A School

Rs. 6,000,000/- one time

Sponsor a Computer Lab
Sponsor A Computer Lab

Rs. 600,000/- one time

Sponsor a new Washroom
Sponsor A Washroom

Rs. 1,000,000/- one time

Sponsor a Electric Water Cooler
Sponsor A Electric Water Cooler

Rs. 150,000/- each water cooler

Sponsor Student Bench Desk
Sponsor A Student Bench Desk

Rs. 15,000/- per bench & desk

Support Widow Shelter

Donate brick for Shelter
Donate A Brick for Shelter

Rs. 1,000/- per brick

Donate shelter home
Donate A Shelter Home

Rs. 800,000/- per shelter home

Support Mosque

Donate brick for Mosque
Donate A Brick for Mosque

Rs. 1,000/- per brick

Donate mosque
Donate A Mosque

Rs. 1,600,000/- per Mosque