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On-Going Projects

On-Going Projects

Geographical Area: DG Khan and Rajanpur
Funding Agency: UNICEF
Duration: September-2022 – July-2023

Following the catastrophic floods in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur in July-August 2022 left a trail destruction, rampaging buildings, households, agriculture and livestock. The natural disaster disrupted household and community protection mechanisms, and put children at risk of various forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation. Sanjh Preet collaborated with the UNICEF and established 26 community-based child-friendly spaces to provide protective and psychosocial support services to the calamity-stricken vulnerable children and communities. By using these CFSSs as hubs, Sanjh Preet established built capacities of the stakeholders, identified child protection issues and provided child protection services through direct as well as referral mechanism. Capacity-building was carried through awareness raising and community mobilization on child protection, GBV and PSEA, behavioural change communication material and information dissemination. Target communities were provided integrated services like health, food/non-food items, education, WASH and shelter. As many as 239545 children and community members have been reached for child protection services in both districts under this project.

Geographical Area: DG Khan and Rajanpur
Funding Agency: Alight Pakistan
Duration: October-2022 – December-2022

Resuming of education through establishment of Temporary Learning Centre (TLCs) in flood affected district of Rajanpur Was started in October 2022. The emergency response activities started in collaboration of Alight Pakistan for continuity of educational activities in the most damage centers. Sanjh Preet has been running non-formal and basic education centers to support Non-Formal and Basic Education Department for continuity of educational activities. As many as 200 children have benefitted through the establishment of five Temporary Learning Centers.

Geographical Area: DG Khan and Rajanpur
Funding Agency: UNICEF
Duration: November 2022 to May 2023

In collaboration with the UNICEF, Education Response & Restoration of Flood Affected Schools in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur was started in Novembers 2022 for continuity of educational activities in the 153 schools badly damaged by the floods. High Performance Tents were installed in 67 government schools and 9 non-formal literacy centres for continuity of educational activities as identified by the education department. Teahing-learning materials and school supplies including white boards with stands, plastic mats and water coolers were among the key components of this project. School children have been provided with winterized kits while regular meetings are conducted with the school council members to sensitize them on their roles and responsibilities regarding child rights, protection, safeguarding, enrollment and retention students to ensure educational activities in safe spaces

Geographical Location: Sukkur, Ghotki, Khairpuur,
Funding Agency: JICA and KAIHATSU
Duration: July-2022 – December-2022

The Light-F Project aims to improve the livelihoods and well-being of female home-based workers and their families in the informal economic sector in Sindh province. The project is being carried out in partnership with Japanese Government (JICA), Sindh Government (Women Development Department) through SRSO (Sindh Rural Support Organization) in Sukkur district. Being implemented by Sanjh Preet, the project is focused on life management & income generation skills, financial access improvement and income generation activities of the women.

Geographical Location: Nankana Sahib
Funding Agency: JICA & AIOU
Duration: Nov 2022- July 2024 (on going)

The project is being implemented in collaboration with the JICA to provide chance to girls who discontinued their schooling after completing primary education. As many as 74 girl students have got themselves registered with its distance learning programme. The AIOU will conduct the examination of these students and issue them certification. Under the project, learners learn through self-learning kit and they meet their teacher’s minimum twice a week to get further support, mentoring and assessment. Learning tablets have also been provided to a group of 5-6 learners as well as each teacher for learning and assessment.

Geographical Location: Islamabad
Funding Agency: Solidar Swiss
Duration: February-2022 – January-2024

Solidar Suisse is supporting Sanjh Preet Organization in implementing the Strengthening of Learning and Protection of Children (SLPC) project in the four slum areas of Islamabad including Golra, Bari Imam, Pirwadhai and Khana Pull. With technical input of JICA, the project provides tailored education solutions and bridges learning gaps for children, especially girls, complementing the existing non-formal educational institutions besides protecting the children from abuse and violence through linkages development with the government and NGOs support services.

• To provide education to 3000 most disadvantaged children (between 5-16 years of age) in slums of Islamabad
• Ensure children’s improved access to quality basic education and protection from violence, abuse and the worst forms of child labour
•Children, particularly girls and the most disadvantaged, benefit from equitable and appropriate early learning and basic education

Highlights of Achievements

• 3019 Children (1494 girls, 1525 boys) learning outcomes and protection enhanced
• 3180 Children (1578 girls, 1602 boys) orientated on basic life skills and child protection
• 123 Teachers (120 females, 3 males) trained on teaching methodologies & child protection
• 123 Teachers (120 females, 3 males) competence strengthened
•92 Members (78 females, 14 males) capacity built in community-based child protections mechanisms
• 12 CSOs capacity built to improve children access to quality education
•1 Recreational event attended by 3180 children (1578 girls, 1602 boys)

Geographical Location

Islamabad: Khanna Pull (5 Schools), Golra (3 Schools), Pirwadhai 3 Schools), Bari Imam (1 School)

Geographical Location: DG Khan
Funding Agency: UNICEF
Duration: October-2022 – April-2023

The devastating flood of July-August 2022 affected an estimated 830,780 populations in District DG Khan. Pregnant & lactating mothers and children under the age of 5 years were the most affected due to disruption in health services including immunization, antenatal check-ups and delivery by skilled birth attendants.
Sanjh Preet Organization in partnership with the UNICEF started health project with focus on improving medical services including improved access to the MNCH and immunization services, and awareness and medication about zero dose children, HBNC, EENC, PSBI, pneumonia, diarrhea, nutrition, IYCF and GBV, PSEA. As many 91055 community members have so far benefitted from the project.